Pricing is determined at the time of sale by sex, show potential. We do accept deposits and monthly payments on future puppies. However, a puppy cannot be taken home unless it is paid in full.

Deposits will be accepted when the puppy is at least 2 weeks old. The minimum deposit is $500.00. Deposits are generally non-refundable. We can hold the deposit for another puppy or future puppy for you. The full deposit will be returned for any of the following reasons :
1) The puppy cannot be sold due to serious illness or death.
2) If we decide not to sell the puppy as it is determined that the welfare of the puppy would best not be sold to you.
3) If we, for any other legitimate reason, decide not to sell the puppy to you.


We accept cash and bank transfer. If you speak to us and you agree to purchase the puppy, you must agree to send an overnight deposit (minimum $500 deposit) to us within 48 hours, we will then place the puppy on reserve for you until we receive the deposit payment. If we do not receive the deposit within the 48 hrs, the puppy goes back up for sale. Full payment of the puppy is due when the puppy reaches 8 weeks of age or at time of pickup, whichever is first